Santa Claus is a symbolic and legendary figure of Christmas. Christmas is celebrated all over the world on the birthday of Jesus Christ. Santa Claus comes on the Christmas Eve and brings gifts for children. He makes a note over the whole year to find the children who are good and those who are bad. Santa gives beautiful gifts to good children and gives dark black coal to bad children.

Santa Claus is a cheerful and jolly character. Santa is a fat man with a white beard. He wears a red coat with white fur on the cuff. He wears red trousers with white fur at the ankles. Traditionally, he also wears a red cap with a white fur lining and a white bobble on the top. The cap is called “Santa Cap”. Sometimes he loves to wear spectacles. Santa is a pot bellied man and laughs loudly saying,

“ Ho,Ho,Ho”.

During Christmas time, wherever we go, like malls, shopping centres and kids’ play areas, there are decorations, lightings and a roaming Santa who shakes hands with small children and offers them gifts. Last Christmas, I got a gift from Santa Claus, when I visited a mall with my parents.

We all feel happy looking at the lights, decorations, delicious foods and gifts of Santa Claus during Christmas. We celebrate Christmas with a “Christmas tree” and the gifts which Santa keeps for us. We enjoy with friends and family and have a good time with cheerful Santa.

But Santa Claus is not only about gifts, beautiful red dress, decorations, lightings, good food and celebration. Santa carries the message of Lord Jesus Christ. As Santa offers gifts to good children, he inspires us to be good, to help others and not to sin. The message from God is not to harm anyone and that we should  discourage others for doing so.



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