Once upon a time in the town of ancient Rajasthan, there lived a wealthy man named Begraj with his wife Rani Bai. They had three servants, the first worked in the field, the second painted the house and the third maintained the house.

All of them were very happy and contented with whatever work was assigned to them. Begraj never gave them their wages, but they still had hope that they would get their money. One day one of them said, “Today we will ask for our wages.”  When they asked for the wages, Begraj said – “Your work is not complete! “Then he looked at the first servant and said, “Go and look after the crops.” He said to the second, “Go and complete the paint work!”. Finally, he said to the third one, “Go and repair my roof!”

The servants were very upset and decided to leave.

The next day, all of them had left by the time Begraj woke up. Furious, he started shouting at his wife that she was unable to hold on to the servants. That day a fakir came to his door and Rani Bai offered him food and water. The fakir was a kindly old man who saw that she was troubled. He asked her the problem and she told him that their servants had left and that her husband was angry at her for it.

The Fakir gave her a golden pot and told her to rub its side and that she would get a servant like no other. Rani BAi went running to her husband to tell him the story. They rubbed the pot and a Jin came out.

The Jin said, “Hello my master! What can I do for you? “ Begraj told the Jin that he wanted him to take care of the house and them. The Jin said, “I will do as you ask, but remember, that I have some rules. You must always keep me busy, if you leave me free I shall eat you! However if I am unable to do something, I shall go back into the pot.”

Begraj was happy and agreed to his condition. He then gave the work of painting the house to the Jin, but he did it in few seconds. Then he told him to plough the fields and sow a new crop. Again he did it in few seconds. Then he told him to clean the house and yet again the Jin did it in few seconds.

Now Begraj started panicking. The Jin worked so fast! How could he keep him busy?

He went to his wife for help and she told him that she would help him only if he agreed to pay the servants their money. Begraj had to agree lest the Jin would eat him. Rani Bai pulled out a single curly hair and asked the Jin to straighten it. He tried everything, but he was not able to do so and had to go back into the pot.

From that day onwards Begraj always gave the servants their money and henceforth, always paid their dues on time. They all lived happily ever after.


Maanya  Saluja (Class VI C)

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