The Clever Donkey and the Foolish Fox

In a forest ,far away lived a very clever donkey. His name was Ronald. In the same forest, lived a fox that was not so clever. He was Donald. Ronald and Donald had been best friends since childhood. Ronald always won in the games of intelligence whereas Donald won in the races.

They both were enjoying each other’s company. One day, the news came that their king, the lion had died. The animals were disappointed to hear about his death. Even Donald and Ronald were astonished to hear, what had happened to their ferocious king. A few days after his funeral, a question arose- “Who will be the next king?” The former king was the last lion in the valley. The minister said, “We need someone as clever as him, and then may be a fox can become the next king.”

As Donald heard that, he jumped with joy and screamed with happiness! Ronald asked the reason of his happiness. Donald danced and answered “ I am the new KING!” He was called to the palace. Before leaving he muttered in his friend, Ronald’s ear “I AM THE NEW KING”!!! The minister said that foxes are the cleverest animals on the earth so our next king would be the fox named Donald.

Donald was filled with pride.

He was crowned as the king .It was an awful day for Ronald. As they lived in the same house, Donald woke Ronald at 3 am in the morning and played all day with the crown as if it was a playful thing. Donald was unaware of the responsibilities as the king. All he knew was comfort, respect, and rules. He started ruling his subjects, gave commands to the other animals as if they were slaves, so all the other animals started leaving the forest. Even Ronald decided to leave, unable to share with his friend. Then on one day, Ronald thought,” How can my best friend act like this? I have to do something else the whole forest will have to suffer.” He called another friend, Ellen. She was a very kind duck. Ronald told Donald about Ellen and requested him to let her stay in the castle, but Donald refused his request. He said that when he was a cub, a duck came and hit him for teasing the ducklings. Ronald explained that Ellen wasn’t a violent duck, but convincing Donald was a very tough thing. Ronald was determined to make him take Ellen in.

There was a carnival coming in the next few days and Donald loved carnivals. Ronald and Ellen both disguised themselves as astrologers and made a strategy. Finally the day arrived, everyone was excited, but Donald was overexcited.

Everything was going according to he plan. Donald came to the carnival , observing him , both astrologers-Ellen and Ronald started fighting. Ronald exclaimed, “My tent is larger and is better than your little ball of cotton!” Ellen replied, “You don’t even have a proper crystal ball!” All the animals, including Donald were unsure about which one to go to for. Donald thought, “I shouldn’t hurt their feelings. I should go to both, turn-by-turn.” First he went to Ronald. He said that he would be rich and famous, but his subjects would dislike him. However all that Donald heard was ‘RICH’ and therefore called Ronald the best astrologer! Now, he decided to go to Ellen. She acted as if she was reading Donald’s mind. Then Ellen said, “You will be a great king, better that everyone. You will risk your life to save your people.” Donald was happy again, but then Ellen started reading his mind again. She told him, “You have to fight for your kingdom as some other king would capture your kingdom. You will face the king lion and die in a duel.”  Donald interrupted, “How will I die? When will I die? Why will I die?” and Ellen interrupted him and continued, “But you will still be remembered by all.” Donald didn’t say anything; he  got up and went away.


While Donald was thinking of what to do the next, the quarrel between Ellen and Ronald started again. Ronald kept smiling and said, “King Donald complimented me for telling him about a good future.” Ellen gave a quick look at Donald. Donald gave a weird smile. Ellen replied, “What did you say, that made the king so happy?”  Ronald smiled even more and said, “I told him that he was going to be rich and famous, and would hate this kingdom.” Suddenly they saw a lion who had come from distant lands standing there shocked at hearing this. He stared at Donald and Ronald and asked, “’Is he the king?” Everyone nodded. The lion introduced himself to the other animals. He said that no king should hate his kingdom.  . He roared and said, “He doesn’t deserve to be the king!” Donald stared at him. The lion continued, “He doesn’t even like his people!” So ,Donald replied without knowing what he was saying, “These animals don’t deserve to be liked!” Then, Donald realized what he had said. The minister came and announced “The first preference for the choice of a king is the lion.” They didn’t attack, instead they knelt down. Then everyone did. Donald made the announcement, “ He is not the king! I am still the king, now stop bowing down to him and work for me!” The guards turned and arrested Donald. They took his crown and gave it to Dave, the new lion king. After that, everything was better. Ellen started living with Ronald. Donald was finally free but was asked to leave the valley immediately.

-Vatsal Mundhra (Class 6 D)

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