Richard lived in Philadelphia, USA with his wife and three year old daughter.  One month earlier, he had left for Amsterdam on a business trip.  Richard loved his family a lot and could not bear staying apart from them. He missed his wife and his daughter.

One evening his friend took him to a club.  His friend bought him drinks and to his amazement, Richard’s loneliness vanished completely.  He enjoyed himself so much that he kept on delaying his return to Philadelphia and spent all his time in the same bar.

A year later, when he returned to Philadelphia and stepped on the threshold of his house and rang the doorbell, his wife rushed to greet him but to her amazement, she found a drunk man standing on her doorstep ,instead of the man she loved.  Richard’s wife, Angelina tried hard to make her husband quit alcoholic drinks but failed.  In sorrow, she committed suicide.  Her husband was shocked at this.  As he sat next to her dead body, he found a letter addressed to him.  It said-

Dear Richard,

Don’t be shocked at my death.  It is a result of your drinking and partying.  I forgive you for this.  Do take care of Dawn.

Your loving wife,


Richard’s eyes filled with tears and remorse as he read the letter.  His daughter came down crying into the room.  He took her into his arms.  He swore never to drink or take drugs again.

Manasvi d.k

Class 8J

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