Our Mentors

Message from our Chairperson Ma’am

You have been provided with the best infrastructure, the most innovative curriculum, a conducive environment and a very dedicated faculty to help you realize your potential. Nothing is left to hance or compromised while providing you with a myriad of opportunities. An all-round ersonality is the need of the hour. We intend to turn out sensitive ,socially conscious and morally sound individuals from the portals of Amity who will be the instruments of positive change and peace in the  strife torn world. My students will be shining examples of physical strength, mental agility, uncompromising ethics, all encompassing spirituality with a sublime sense of aesthetics. Hard work, perseverance and dedication to your goals will surely  bring great success to all of you. I am confident that my Amitians will work hard to fulfill the vision of our Founder President to make India  Superpower by 2030 and they will shine wherever they go.

Dr. Mrs. Amita Chauhan
Ritnand Balved Education Foundation (RBEF)

About Glocal Amitians

A Global citizen seasoned with a local flavor!! That is the hallmark of the students of Amity International School, Sec-46, Gurgaon. At Amity, we teach the students to strive for excellence and achieve their dreams; without sacrificing honesty, integrity, respect for elders and traditional family values at the altar of success. They are inspired and motivated to honour and uphold the integrity and unity of our great nation, India. The students, each a unique individual with a different persona and perspective are subjected to so many influences at a global, national and local level. They have to exhibit their genius on the world stage without negating the moral values and cultural traditions which are woven into the very fabric of their lives. It is at Amity that we give them the necessary skills to attain a balance between the diverse expectations and avenues that define their life, making them an amalgam of the Global as well as Nationalistic consciousness and letting them walk the path to success without fear and with the fortitude to face any obstacle that bars their way.