A Child’s Story

A Child’s Story


That tinkering laugh

Those innocent eyes

Those caressing hands

The delicate steps


A mother’s trustworthy carving

Her soul, her life,

A father’s most precious jewel,

His breath, his hope


That smiling face, with his focussed thoughts

Who entered his ‘abode of knowledge’

The child’s greatest blunder

Who knew he was inviting his end?


He waved his frail hand to his father

Promising to return

With his hand enclosed in his sister’s

He walked to wisdom’s haven.

Oh! Who knew he had seen his family for the last time?


He reached the spot, he saw a man.

His innocent instinct couldn’t judge him.

Out came a knife.

That hushed a child’s voice forever.


What sin had he committed,

To encounter such an ordeal?

A blooming bud plucked,

Before his mutation


It was not only a child’s fateful death,

But the murder of the nation’s hope

A sapling uprooted,

That could have endured unfaltered


What has happened to man,

Who quenches his thirst with blood?

It’s time to bring a solemn change,

Where a child fosters with harmony


~Archisha Vedha


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