A Strange Medicine

This is not a story but a real life incident. One of my father’s friends was Mr. Avtar Mahajan. He along with his family lived in the UK. He had a daughter named Kavita Mahajan. They visited India as Kavita got admission in the Punjab University.

Kavita was a very friendly, kind and social person. She always helped others and agreed to what the others said. She always agreed and supported her friends in everything they did. She was also very innocent and unaware to the tragedies that happened occasionally in India.

When she came to India, she was very excited to know about the culture and to study in the University. After they reached the university, in just a few days, Kavita made many friends. Kavita trusted them and shared everything with them.

One day after the class, Kavita was having a severe headache. She went to her friends and asked for some medicines. Just for fun, her ‘so called’ friends gave her drugs as a medicine. She trusted her friends and without any enquiry, she took the drugs. After eating drugs, she had felt a little strange, but she was enjoying it a lot. From that day, her friends gave her drugs every day, under the guise of medicines.

Gradually, she became a drug addict. She didn’t even know how much trouble she had got herself into. However, one day she realized what she had done and informed her parents about it. Her parents were very supportive and helped her to get rehabilitated from the drug addiction centre. Kavita recovered from the evil habit and the whole family returned to UK.

Kavita’s family realized what a close call she had and realized that it was only because of her love and faith in them that they had managed to save her.

Yashvi Manchanda

Class 8E

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