A Tribute to My Teachers

When you first looked upon me,

I was just a little hatchling;

Nervous , uncoordinated and shy.

But you loved me as your own child.

You prodded me towards discovery,

You pushed me till I performed,

You scolded when I tried to escape,

You counselled me when I was wrong.

You cared and were disappointed,

When I did less than you wanted.

So resigned in your heartfelt misery;

That I wanted to make you smile.

Now I am an Eagle And my wings are spread out wide.

You bolstered my wings with your courage,

You encouraged my strength with your mind.

You gave me the confidence to be me,

You said that I could be anything;

You made me take that leap of faith,

Whenever I wished to decline.

This service you always render,

A service both hard yet tender;

A lifetime of moulding and shaping,

Young minds towards excellence and achieving.

So on this day we thank you dear Teachers For making us what we are.

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