Where things are going we really don’t know?

Whether going the right way or to the wrong , we really don’t know.

I want her to become smart, strong and self –reliant.

Alas!  no such signs

As  she is wild, crazy and vulnerable.

I want to keep her away from all distractions,

But she is allured to all the attractions.

Where things are going……….. Who knows pros and cons?

My expectations have become so called ‘pressures ‘,

Which I am afraid would threat her.

I want her to follow so called discipline,

But I guess new definitions have float in.

Time and Things have changed.

I think along with these changes, we need to be changed.

Learn to accept and understand the needs and desires.

Because their time is not like ours.

Let Parental expectations lead them to the path of light,

Which help them to achieve goals of delight.



Deepti Mahajan

Department of English

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