Faking Excuses

Faking Excuses       Even if one can’t act or deliver convincing dialogues; in times of need, often an inborn ability to make excuses can be discovered inside oneself. Then a great actor is born, who can fool others quite easily !!
For instance, when late for school, Car Issues develop; “My car would not start” or  “My car had a flat tire” or still better,  “My car broke down in themiddle of the road”, etc.      Sometimes we lay the blame at someone else’s door, eg. “My father forgot the car keys at home” or “My father could not find the keys to the car”, etc.    Often blaming other factors can be more convincing eg. “The elevator was not working”, “The elevator was out of service” or better still ” I was in the elevator and the lights went out, jamming the elevator in between floors”.    Sometimes due to laziness or the habit of not packing our bag at night, we forget some important accessory at home. Then making a very sorry face, we may offer reasons like the following : “I was out of station with my family and reached late at night and I could not pack my bag according to the time- table” or “I went out with my family to the wedding/ party of my  ______________________ and reached l home Llate”    However it is while trying to bunk a period that t our acting skills are truly tested. Faking an illness is a time-proven remedy to forgetting homework or books of a particular teacher : “My head is aching, may I go to the medical room?” or “A student told me that the(Maths/Science/English) teacher was calling me”, etc.

Why can we not use this ingenuity and inventive skill in actually doing the work that has been given or spend an extra five minutes at night checking that all that we need the next day has been packed? Why not do the homework we have been given the day we have been given it, so that we don’t have to rack our brains and stretch our imagination and that of others to the limit?   If we could just be a little more careful, a little more sincere, we could actually be sure of never having to suffer the indignity of being made to stand in class or having to stammer out excuses ever again.

Sayash Raaj

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