If Only

If only I had wings, I would stretch them and fly,
fly away across the horizon, rest only when I have soared high.

If only I had the bounty of love, I would spread it amongst those,
who are down-trodden,without a shoulder to lean on or hug someone close.

If only I had the power to see tomorrow I would erase,
all events that threaten the prosperity and well-being of the human race.

If only I had a magical wand to turn someone´s wish true,
I would touch the life of a child, fill it with happiness and bid his unhappiness adieu.

If only I had the grace to live a life till eternity,
I would pray to God to let me chant HIS name in his vicinity.

If only I had the power to create my own speech,
I would fill it with the name of God and spread it beyond the realms of reach.

If only , oh lord there are no ends to our desires and wants,
all I want is space by your feet, your love and grace is all what the heart longs!

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