In the Dark

In the deep silence

I hear a voice of violence

Something is wrong

Told my heart

For sure it was not forlorn

Screaming for help

Or crying in grief or in a yelp

Or the touchy voice of sobbing

What magic made me go there

There was nothing which I could see or hear

But was something which could be felt

Feeling I have never dealt with before

My heart went on and on

And told me to follow the voice within

It stopped for a second and

Started again

Nothing was right

I was sure in this night

That kept me going

In the midst of the gloom

There was a sudden storm

The stories of the dark made me stop and think of those ghastly tales

I was petrified in the deadly silence of the squall

My mind was bewildered and was in a dilemma stall

My soul opted to look into the matter

But those frightful stories were boiling in my mind and ready as a batter

My mind was muddled as well as my heart

Neither of them was taking part

Though my heart prefers to leave no page unturned

My mind whistled and ordered to never unbolt this secret.



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