“Olivander! Wake up!” yelled mom. I jumped out of my wooden, prickly bed, got ready, ate my breakfast and went to feed the cows.

“Grrrr”, a sound from the bushes startled me. I got curious and went to check. What do I see! A short and leathery tail which I presumed should be a baby crocodile. I went further and saw two big eyes in a small reddish-green face with a pointed nose. I got startled and was about to scream, when something pushed me into “Jack’s Ravine”. I fell unconscious and when I opened my eyes, I saw four huge people wearing jackal fur. They asked me “Why are you here? Who sent you to us?”. I got a little scared but I gathered myself and told them my story.

They took me to a very huge house where there hung heads of some very awkward beings. A big man with a long beard was sitting on a red leather throne. He asked me “Who are you?” I answered “I am Olivander Helm.” Everyone in the hall started talking. Suddenly, the man on the seat shouted, “Silence! Bring this child to my house at noon.” Everyone stood up and went out of the hall. The guards took me to a small hut and to my surprise the hut was full of food. I asked them if I could eat some, and they allowed me to do so. I ate all the sausages, hams and other delicacies to my heart’s full. It was around dusk; the sun was sinking into the far horizons…I immediately went to sleep after all the gorging. The next thing I heard was… a very loud roar.

I went to check but some rock hit me hard on the head and I passed out again. This painful adventure was getting on my nerves now. As I woke up, what do I see! I am in a cage! A group of people come near me and start asking me questions, to which I had no reply. I saw a big, red beast come near the gateway of the huge room. I was awestruck, when I saw a huge ‘Griffin’ attacking the people around, except for me. It threw fireballs at the people and in the bargain it broke my cage too. As soon as I tried to escape, it grabbed me and loaded me on his back. I let out a big scream. I yelled, I kicked and tried to set myself free but no one heard me. I was taken back to the Great hall and that big, fat man introduced me to “Jape” the Griffin. He also informed me that Jape was going to be my ‘Guardian Beast’.

Suddenly, all this started to make sense…I had read a tale about Guardian Beats who were magical pets of the ‘Dinros’, the Mighty ones. This thought excited me and in my jubiliance, I immediately jumped on Jape…Big mistake! Well, well, he wacked me really hard and I smashed a pillar in mid-air. I was instructed to train Jape so that they could defeat their enemy who I was unaware of, yet. Days passed by and with great effort—sweat, blood and tears, Jape was trained successfully.

Around this time, that big guy again called me, and introduced himself as ‘Jarrod’. Now he told me about the enemy…he said that centuries ago, the world was filled with “Griffins”, ”Dragons”, ”Phoenixes” and such-like creatures. But, then arrived, “Kinray” the Grief. He wasn’t able to summon any beast, so he became angry and started capturing beasts with his enormous powers. Everyone rebelled against him and tried to reason it out with him. But he didn’t listen to anyone and kept on capturing the beast and unbalancing the energies of nature.

Now their mission was to defeat “Kinray” and free all the beasts enslaved by him for which they needed my help. After all these days I spent with Jape, I couldn’t decline their request and I whole-heartedly participated in the war. I got a bundle of light titanium armor for the war and I started my training in attack and defense. Finally, the day of war dawned. We blew the battle horn, and started with a fierce wave of fire-stones from our catapults. We heavily damaged their castle. Then their wave came and we stood up against them with no fear. Their attack was nothing against our defense and we were winning already. But, then Kinray arrived on his phoenix and he made a huge impact on our defense. I got aggressive and challenged him on a duel. We fought face-to-face. His phoenix was well trained but my training was not a waste of time either. We attacked each other but this was taking us nowhere so I tried a trick. I went down, grabbed a fist-full of dust and threw it at his phoenix’s eyes and as I expected it went out of control. I used my last shot and he fell off the phoenix and it crashed landed but no great harm came to him. After Kinray was defeated, we forced them to retreat. We won!!! Everyone was happy and all the beasts were freed.

Sadly, in this commotion I started getting home-sick and was longing to go home. I said farewell to everybody, even the freaky guards who took me to Jarrod. I was about to leave when Jarrod came and whispered me in the ear-“You can invite the up-land people here if u want to.” I said “yes” in a wink of time. I immediately went up and told everybody to meet me at the edge of “Jack’s Ravine”. When everyone gathered around, I whistled and 3 huge dragons came up. Everyone was scared at first to ride them but I made them do so. We went down in no time and everyone was surprised at the sight. The “Dinros” introduced them to every beast and after a bit of hesitation everyone rode the beats. Life got interesting for me once again and for others too and the beasts were all together.

Kabbier Bali Nag


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