Life is a blessing!

Do what your heart says,

As Life is of a few days;

You live only once,

You have a chance;

Gear up! Concentrate,

Build your character trait;

Be the one and only,

Life isn’t about being lonely;

You’re present today, might not be tomorrow,

So, live a life with happiness and erase out sorrows;

Don’t try to impress anyone,

Or waste your life in being number one;

Life is yours, depends on what you choose,

So go on! Don’t think to lose;

Treat everyone with love and affection,

And forget tomorrow’s load and tension;

God has blessed you with everything,

So share the blessings of it,

And see the lamps of happiness being lit;

Live your life to the full

As life is beautiful!

-Divyanshi Shukla (Class VIII B)

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