‘Shram’ means hardwork and ‘daan’ means to give away happily. Shramdaan is a practice for improving ourselves and our lives. Shramdaan changes our attitude, it makes us more positive. By doing Shramdaan, we imbibe in ourselves the habit to respect and value the work done for us. A person’s life is worthless if he or she cannot understand the essence and significance of Shramdaan which equals to cleanliness .One must remember that cleanliness is next to God.

As a student we can render Shramdaan by keeping our desks and chairs at their proper places and by maintaining cleanliness in our classrooms .We give back what we get at the beginning of the day. Shramdaan a practice for inculcating cleanliness, just not teaches us to keep our surroundings clean but also to respect the work of keeping the surroundings clean done by Housekeeping Staff,. We don’t need to be physically strong to do it; we can do Shramdaan even if we are just fit and healthy.

Generally it’s the tendency of the students to dislike when teachers repeatedly tell them to do Shramdaan, which we regard as the work of Housekeepers and not as ours. But we don’t understand that Shramdaan can be done by us in an effective and more organised manner.

Shramdaan teach us to help, to care, to show affection, to be responsible, benevolent and all the values that we are learning at school starting from day one. It looks very strange that these values that were taught to us in kindergarten are ignored or forgotten in senior classes. What we forget to see is that these values make us ‘us’. These little things like keeping our surroundings and doing Shramdaan change our way of thinking, our way looking at things and most importantly our way of showing respect and gratitude towards everything that we get in life.

Swasti Sahu

Class – IX D

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