Sports – A Lifestyle

The difference between a man who quits vs a man who goes on, the difference between a man who wants it in any way possible vs a man who wants it fair and square, the difference between a man who leaves vs a man who finishes, is the difference of lifestyle, the sports lifestyle.

There are two types of people in this world, sportspersons and non – sportspersons. While the sportspersons can be compared to a rubber ball the others are just like glass ball. The rubber ball bounces back and never stops bouncing till the time all its energy is drained. Whereas, even though the glass ball has more ability to bounce, it shatters with a single good jerk. The rubber ball, even with lesser air continues to bounce, but a glass ball with a crack can’t even stick together. This is the difference between a sportsperson who continues to play till the time is over, who continues to do his work with a thousand stoppages, even when he is losing and a non – sportsperson who gives up in harder times, plays or works only to win and becomes a result oriented person.For a sportsperson, the journey can never be forgotten neither can the aim.The journey of hours of practice, hundreds of liters of sweat, determination, several qualification rounds just to play at the highest level and represent his nation. True sportspersons never give up after losses for they have seen many, and they are not result oriented. They play for the pleasure of playing and satisfaction of representation, they play to make the journey fruitful. The essence of playing, the goosebumps after playing and the punch in the gut after a loss is something only a true sportsperson understands and moves on to improve and come back stronger.

This lifestyle makes pain wonderful, surprises a daily chore and losses a part and parcel. The lifestyle of sports is an intriguing one and can never be fully explained; it has to be experienced for there are millions who choose sports as a livelihood but a few who choose it as a lifestyle.


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