I still remember the day when Rajat was lying in a pool of blood on the road side and his wife was running towards him crying and trying to console herself that her husband was fine and everything is going to be normal in some time. She thought it was a bad dream but it was the truth that she did not wanted to accept. That day Rajat died in a car accident, leaving his daughter and wife behind.

In that car accident, a car and bus had collided, Rajat was not wearing the seat belt and his car’s speed was more than the speed limit. He was in a hurry because it was his wife’s birthday and he was returning from the gift shop. Rajat was talking to his friend on the phone before the accident took place. He told him that he is on his way and will soon be at the party. After the investigation of Rajat’s car as well as his other belongings, the police officer on duty said “We found this red box in this car, no damage has been happened to it.”   And handed the red box to Rajat’s wife.

After her husband’s death in a car accident Rajat’s wife thought that now she will not let anyone die in accidents. After a month she appeared for the traffic police exams. She got selected and after two years, was promoted and was made the traffic in charge of Delhi. She tried her best to maintain the traffic rules and within a year she reduced the number of accidents by 50%. The personal tragedy of her life shook her faith in life but she sought courage from her pain. It made her a confident woman, and now after 3 years of Rajat’s passing-away the red box remains still kept packed and kept on her dressing table. It gives her the strength to move ahead in life valiantly.

-Gunjika kaushik

8th B

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