The Feast….

Raghav was the youngest and the most troublesome child of the Mehra family. Days in the Mehra family could have rolled by peacefully, but Raghav did not like the whole idea of a house governed by peace, order and quiet.

There was always a mischief or two, or a crazy prank up his sleeve. Leaping over the fence, into the neighbour’s garden, stealing mangoes from their trees, sneaking out of his house kitchen with the lip smacking jar of jam to enjoy with his friends- he was always upto something or the other.

Mr. Mehra was aware of the fact that trouble didn’t follow his son, but it was actually the other way round. Thoroughly fed up of his son’s rambunctious trouble making, Mr. Mehra scolded him one night and didn’t let him have dinner. Raghav was both sad and angry at his father, but went away to his room.

Raghav’s granny doted on her youngest grandson and couldn’t even think of letting the apple of her eye sleep on an empty stomach. So, she quickly had her dinner and went straight to her room to get a sandookwhich she hid under her saree’s pallu. She tip toed to Raghav’s room and called his name from outside. Raghav at once, came to know that it was surely her grandmother calling out. He sprang up from the end and opened the door and embraced her.

Granny put the sandook on his bed and Raghav identified it as her favorite sandook of laddoos. Being fame shed, he gorged upon those laddoos and relished every single bit of his little feast.

As the clock struck twelve his mother, as quiet as a mouse, knocked at Raghav’s door and offered him his favorite meal- Puri and potato pickle. Raghav was a bit overwhelmed but soon his elder brother came to him very surprisingly and offered him some chocolates. That was something really unexpected. Raghav dazed by such pampering was going to bed finally when his Father came to him and apologized to him for his sudden outburst on Raghav. He then fed him fondly with some sandwiches. The next morning everyone proud,supposed in their mind that they were the ones because of whom Raghav had slept peacefully. But when they opened Raghav’s room they had to admit-


Raghav fairly had a good feast…



-Sarthak Rajpal


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