The Journey Within

In the deep silence,

I hear a voice of violence.

Something is wrong.

Someone too forlorn.

Screaming for help,

Cries of yelp,

made me journey to my soul

Which shall now be my only goal.

I fasten my belt,

To expose the feelings that pelt.

Nub of the gloom,

I entered a burning room.

A little late, did I reach there

Just to hear my deafening fears.

Later then, I realize

They were just my allies.

The fire in the room

Was lit by Mr. Courage’s stride

He was in a distinct costume,

Now I knew why he shied.

I marched further inside,

And grabbed courage by his hand

We both came out with pride

As hand in hand did we stand.

I now bid a bye to Mr. Fear

For now, he shall exist nowhere near.

Now my soul bustles with activity

As that of courage, bravery and audacity.

Khwaish Gupta


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