I once went to a masquerade ball

And realised that masks weren’t needed at all.

For the skin covering the eyes, nose and teeth

Is a mask in itself, hiding what lies beneath?

‘Faces’ they are called, ‘facades’, I call them

For they reveal as much as on lifting a sheet.

They are veils, meant to cover and conceal

The emotions that we so intensely feel

They are masks embroidered onto our skin

Meant to obscure our pain and chagrin.

At times, they work wonders at concealing

But very often, their paint starts peeling

Dewy sadness brimming in traitorous eyes

Accompanied by wide and fake smiles

Biting words with venom injected

But the eyes screamed, “I feel dejected!”

Eyes are the windows to our souls,

But how can we trust them,

When the facial mask has a pall on them.



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