There was a village long ago. All the villagers lived happily there. One time came when there was lack of rain in the village. No crops grew to less water given to them. Some people died and many were still unconscious. There was a town nearby, all the people living in the town tried their best to provide food to the villagers.

One day a man from the town. His hairs were blonde, he was a little dark in color, and he was tall also he was wearing nice clothes. His light brown eyes were partly covered by his hairs. He was holding a blue bag in right hand and in his left hand was a pink basket. The blue bag contained slice of bread. He spreaded all the slices in the basket and called all the children who were sitting nearby.

He told all the children to take only 1 slice of bread each. Everyone then struggled to take the largest slice of bread. There was a little girl standing nearby waiting for the crowd to vanish. After there was no one near the basket, she sawa small slice of bread and jumped happily. The man went to a nearby house to rest a while.

The girl went back home and divided the slice of bread into two equal halves. One was for her mother who was ill and one for herself. When the girl was eating her part she felt something hard in her mouth. It was a silver coin!

The girl ran back to the house to give back the coin to the gentle man. She said, “Gentleman, the slice of bread you gave me had this silver coin inside. I am here to return this to you.” To which the man replied, “Sweetie, you are honest person. This is a reward for you from me. You can use this in any way. As you wish” The girl thought for a while and then replied to this, “I thought to use this to take my mother to the hospital and cure her but I don’t think this is enough for that.” The man also agreed to this and gave her some more money from his wallet. The girl seemed to be the happiest person in the world. She hugged the man and thanked to him.

The wish of the villagers was filled after 2 years when suddenly the clouds came up and it started raining. Till then the girl’s mother and the girl herself was fit and fine. Both of them were thankful to the gentleman all their life long.




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