By Saumya Mahajan

Once upon a time there was a girl named Sunidhi . She was disabled and moved around on a wheelchair . She was teased regularly about it and even though she didn’t say anything to anyone , it killed her inside and she used to cry secretly every day.

One day , she was being teased as usual by Sandhya and her gang when she mustered up the courage to ask: “ How would you feel if the others teased you every day because of your inability to walk instead of supporting you and respect your courage , Sandhya ? ” Sandhya tried to speak but no words came out . Sunidhi continued: “ Do you think I wanted to be disabled ? How do you think I feel when I see you all walk freely ? Do you think I feel happy when I see the others walk ? Well , yes I do ! Not for myself but for you all that you are not disabled like me.”

As she said this , tears flowed down her cheeks and she wheeled her chair away as fast as she could . This made Sandhya feel very guilty and she too fled from the scene . When she saw Sunidhi , she apologized to her and asked her if they could be friends . Sunidhi said yes and they soon became good friends.

One day , Sandhya had come over to Sunidhi’s place when she got an idea . She said to Sunidhi: “ I have an idea! Why don’t we get you an instructor who will give you some simple leg exercises every day which will help improve the condition of your legs. You might even get rid of your disability to walk!” The same idea was told to Sunidhi’s parents , to which they agreed very happily indeed .

Her treatment began and her condition improved day by day and then came the moment everyone had been waiting for!

Sunidhi tried to take a few steps as advised by her trainer and succeeded in doing so! Her parents and Sandhya congratulated her and she was very happy that day and declared it the best day of her life. Even though she made slow progress , one day came when she lost her disability to walk.


  • We should not tease others for their weaknesses and disabilities.
  • If we work hard , we can achieve anything in life as nothing is impossible . The word itself says “I’M POSSIBLE”.
  • It always helps to have a friend by your side.
  • Never lose faith in yourself and always have courage.


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