The World of United Hearts

The world’s a beautiful place,

Has its own games to play,

Bonding and relations add on,

Smiles ought to freshen face.

The hearts do what is right,

Unruffled we live and for each other we care,

A pity shown for a needy,

The beautiful way of living life.

Take a birth and then leave for a journey to heaven,

Alas! The rule of life,

No one can change the destiny,

It is the one above who decides.

Lending hands for the fallen,

Value imbibed when toddlers in life,

We never hesitate,

Always been a rife!

No limits, has the sky above,

Freedom lets us open,

Come what may,

Together we will stand,

Never have we left anything which we start,

This is a World of United Hearts!

Sarthak  Rajpal

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