Time – Our Trustworthy Companion

Time keeps on passing by

Like the silent waters

That betrays the turbulence

Before they enter the sea.

This seems to be like our

Unfortunate destiny.

The intruders are also the pebbles,

that are like speed breakers

in this perennial river

That are like the follies that

Make mortals shiver.

Time is clear and pure,

Whereas, what is impure,

are the black roses

laid down by the devils

welcoming us to the

path that takes us to hell.

Companions of time are

the sky at dawn ,

having the mighty sun

by their side,

that makes them shine

brightly by lending them its own

Enemies of time are the sky

At night having as companions

The moon, that fades instantly into the clouds of darkness,

Begging for light from stars,

As if it is the shy child

Pleading for help from strangers.

So, we shall walk hand and hand with time

For, going against it

Is an eternally

Bonded crime.


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