What can I do to make it right?

Often we all ask ourselves, What can I do to make this right? Or to make our relationships work. When we realise that they are on a road, downhill. Be it our professional or personal lives we all need to contribute in making our lives a success.

Why then does there come a time when we are frustrated and proclaim, ‘I’ve had it, can´t take it any more´? We muster enough courage to walk away. Avoid the situation, lest we should be hurt in the process. Is there really an equation preordained by God as to how much one has to invest in their relationships?

I guess our behaviour normally depends upon the situation we might be in. Profound sadness or anguish is bound to have a deep effect on our mental well-being. Then do circumstances condition our behavioural responses? Sometimes we just fail to get the answers.I personally feel that circumstances do influence us to a great degree. If we have been deeply hurt by someone .We can´t just forget everything instantly and pretend as nothing ever happened.

But somewhere down the line, one has to forgive and forget to move on. Isn’t it so? Yes friends, you have to really open your heart to forgive and move ahead. You can´t possibly be hung up on something forever as life is all about living. It is like a long journey that has to progress relentlessly. Even in the` Bhagwat Gita´, Lord Krishna says we cannot accomplish a single thing without action. ` We must act therefore shall we be´.

We can only see the beauty of a new day or a new sunrise; if we have this desire to move on and forget the past. Yes sometimes you really have to put in that `extra effort´ to make a difference. Don´t limit your possibilities by saying Why me always? Wouldn´t it be great if you just reach out to your loved one and say I can´t give up on you. You’re too precious. Believe me it will really turn your life around.

For whatever you release in this Cosmos, it is bound to come back to you sometime or the other. Be it a kind word or compliment or a harsh rebuke. There is nothing more beautiful in this world than giving. When you see a smile on the face of your loved one, it is perhaps the sweetest gift you can ever receive.

So next time when someone smiles at you, smile back and don´t hold on to sadness for long. Try to let go of it. If not instantly day by day and strive to be happy and turn your lives around for good.

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