When I reminiscence over the past

When I reminiscence over the past, 2 people stand out above others, among my seniors. I entered this school in 8th class and though I have changed seven school in my life, but these two seniors always helped me out.

I would like to dedicate this to Esha Gopinath Nair and Pranjal Sharma of batch of 2012-2013. I met both of them in my school bus. Since then it has been a roller coaster ride with them always there for me. Esha you always used to bear with the non-sense I spouted. From all the jokes we shared to all the parodies we made, it was a fun journey. Helping me in times when I felt lonely and left out, your advice and awesome tips have always helped me. As for  Pranjal, one word says it all…”BHAIIIII”. It has been such an awesome journey with you in the bus. Your advice regarding studies,  the fun we had in coaching, the jokes and prank we played to all the food we ate; thanks for always being there. I always looked up to you as my elder brother. I’ll really miss you guys. Thanks for being sooooo awesome . All that you did for me, have made you a special part of my school life. Thanks for making it such a fun journey . Wish you success, happiness, luck and love in life, always. :’)

– Anuj Kumar

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