In Indian history, it is a shame that the feminine gender is not regarded equal to the masculine gender. Ironically, the women also have a great deal of accomplishments, which may even succeed those of the males.

These great accomplishments had great women behind them. It was not the doing of a supernatural power, but in fact, the struggle, hard work, and determination of these women. Also, the field of expertise of these women is not only one, two or three but a vast number of fields which helped the India grow as a great nation. These women were living daily lives and making huge contributions to the nation and the society at large. Their sacrifices will always be remembered and their names will go down in history. These are the women who changed the course of human history.

“To be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”

– Nelson Mandela

A freedom fighter is a person who fights for his/her country. Unlike a solider, his is a one time but great, forever remembered for freeing the country. From Rani Laxmi Bai, who fought for her kingdom on a horse with swords and her baby on her back, to Sarojini Naidu, known as’ the nightingale of India’, was also a freedom fighter. Motivating the people for non-violence. Later she was supporting cause of the women, campaigning for hindu-muslim unity and presiding as president of the Indian national congress, all for the same cause, freedom of the nation. Many other freedom fighters like Annie Besant, Begum Hazarat Mahal, Kasturba Gandhi, Aruna Asaf Ali, Kamala Nehru etc. if they had not been there those days so wouldn’t we have been here these days.

Science is also a field where women of India have made great contributions. Without it, questions remain unanswered and answers a mystery. Kalpana Chawla was the first Indian-American astronaut and first Indian woman in space. She also had several records.Janaki Ammal Edavaleth Kakkat was an Indian botanist.She researched about scientific research in cytogenetics and phytogeography. Sugarcane was her most noted and viewed work. Manju Sharma work with latex found a medical use. Priya Darivar is also an ecologist, with researches about different environments.

Nature is a very important resource. People throughout Indian history have used it and has repaid its debt to it. Unfortunately, even some time before, have used it vigorously. For such actions, many female environmentalists have made the people stop excessive devastation of the resource and realise the importance of it. Medha Patakar is one such environmentalist who fought for the tribes, their forest and their river, Narmada. The Chipko movement’s leader is Sunderlal  Bahuguna. But as all great men have a great woman behind them, Gauri Devi is that person. She was the one who had organised the Chipko movement.

Such women have made the nation proud. These women may even get de- popularized, but never forgotten. Their small contributions, lead to big facts, their every work has done something better for whole of mankind in history. Their work is History in the making. They fought, they found, they made realise, they defended us and have proven their worth and have shown the entire world that what they are made of that they are no less and certainly not behind the men and even have taken a step ahead of them, making them on the back foot. They are the ones which give birth to all and they even do more, by doing all this, by making the other women also proud of the fact that they all are women and even they can do it, even they are no less than others. These women have shown us what they can do and now have inspired the new generation. They have done the duty  and now it’s time for the new generation,  to fill in their shoes. Even the next generation have it in them; even they can do what these women have done. It’s the duty of the nation to salute and regard them as women heroes.

Parth Dipendra

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